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OralChroma TM


The primary cause of halitosis is microbial metabolism and some cases of bad breath appear to be related to periodontal disease. In addition to the malodor, the microbiota waste products hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are toxic and can harm the gums; consequently, it is important to obtain measurements of the quality and quantity of the respective gases.

Aiming to set the standard in halitosis measuring devices

The OralChroma™ is a portable gas chromatograph. The product is widely used in dental offices, university departments of dentistry and medical teaching institutions, environmental engineering companies, pharmaceutical companies, and milk/confectionary companies.

Offering equipment that contributes to the management of your dental office

The OralChroma™ measures the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide-a major causative factor in halitosis-and displays each gas concentration. Measuring each component of VSC not only helps to identify the cause of halitosis, a major symptom of periodontal disease, and to check the efficacy of treatment, but also enables the patient to see the treatment processes and results. The product motivates patients to treat halitosis, eventually resulting in an increased number of patients.


High-performance and global quality standards

The OralChroma™ is a portable gas chromatograph offering lower cost, higher performance, and more user-friendly operations than conventional gas chromatographs by limiting the target gases to three types.

With the OralChroma™ , a semiconductor gas sensor eliminates the need for a carrier gas, required for conventional gas chromatographs, and drastically abridges the standby time to about 30 minutes from the several hours to several days for previous models. In addition, since the semiconductor gas sensor is supersensitive to gas components, it is not necessary to use a conventional gas concentrator or other complicated apparatuses.

In addition to the previously described basic principles, the system configuration is dedicated for halitosis measurements and the use of major modular components enables accurate measurements without the need for special expertise or skills unlike conventional gas chromatographs.

The OralChroma™ conforms to global quality standards. CUL Standards are proof of the safety of electronic products in North America (the U.S.A. and Canada), and the product is listed in the “CUL Listed Laboratory Equipment 3EW3.”


Three-step measuring procedure

Anyone can operate the OralChroma™ quite simply and easily. The expiratory sampling method is quite simple. The patient uses a 1-milliliter disposable syringe for one minute. The operator is not required to take the sample.

Measuring procedures


Insert the plastic syringe that comes with the product deep into the oral cavity and hold it between the lips. (Be careful to avoid touching the tongue with the syringe.) Then, slowly pull the plunger, push it in again, and pull it for the second time before removing the syringe from the mouth.


If the top of the syringe is wet, wipe it dry with a tissue. Attach the dedicated needle and eject the sampled oral gas to 0.5 cc (1/2 calibration) by pushing the plunger.


Inject the remaining oral gas into the inlet on the main unit of the OralChroma™. The measurement will now start automatically.

Further operations are handled by the “OralChroma™ Data Manager.”


Basic Performance and Features

Identification of three causal gas components(hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide)
Display of gas concentrations in standard units of ppd and ng/10ml
Precise measurement accuracy with the simplified gas chromatograph method
No carrier gas required
Not affected by ambient temperature and humidity.
Short standby time of 30 minutes or less
Short measuring time (8 minutes).



Operation time to collect oral breath sample is shortened by using small-capacity syringe for suction. (This lessens load on test subject.)
Automatic start of measurement after gas injection
Up to 99 measurement data values can be stored.
PC management of measured data with dedicated software (OralChroma™ DataManager)
Light and compact.( 280 (W) x 130 (H) x 400 (D) 5.5 kg)


Long-life sensor and column (maintenance free for approx. 2 years).
Automated alarm function notifying when it is time to change the rubber plug for the gas inlet.



Product name OralChroma™
Type CHM-1
Detection system Simplified gas chromatograph method using a semiconductor gas sensor
Sample gas quantity 0.5cc
Detectable gas

Following components included in volatile sulfur compounds
(1)Hydrogen sulfide
(2)Methyl mercaptan
(3)Dimethyl sulfide

Measuring time 8minutes
Detection unit ng/10ml and ppb
Expiratory sampling method Manual aspiration system using a syringe
Operating humidity range Relative humidity of 80% or less (no condensation)
Operating temperature range 10 - 30°C
Storage humidity range Relative humidity of 20 - 90% (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -20 - 60°C
Power AC100V,50/60Hz
Power consumption 40VA
Outer dimensions (mm) 280(W)x130(H)x400(D)
Weight approx. 5.5 kg
Output terminal RS232C
PC connection software OralChroma™ DataManager
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